To: S&L-

hey, so i'm leaving in two days to travel
for nine months back to the earth
red clay of india
pink insides raped raw for metals tanzania
sheepy new zealand
and mexico

one year to find self
nine months to find god
without music or internet
without girlfriend or lifeline
i'll be dangling the cliffs of the world
trying not to die but knowing
its okay if i do
nothing to lose, ya?

haha, enough of the bad poetry. i hope the mods will allow this thank you. if not please close the thread.

I started here as a sophomore in highschool who thought he could write a sestina and be called a poet. four and a half years and 5,725 posts later (almost exclusively in S&L) and i believe that, though still not a full-fledged poet, i'm at least that much closer to becoming one. thank you for everything you have given me over the past four years. the wotm's, the wotw's, the friendship, the criticism, the beautiful people i've met, and, most of all, the beautiful poetry i've been blessed to read. its come straight from your heart to my eyes and i appreciate every letter. odds are after this break i will not be coming back anymore.

you have seen me at my worst. you have seen me write things about myself that no one should read and that i should not have written, but you read them. you saw me hate myself. you watched me describe how i held the knife to my throat, how i left scratches and bruises on my skin- read it mere minutes after it had happened and i had posted it so someone would hear me. you were all there whether you liked it or not to experience my first love. and then you were there when that ended after three years. and then you were there for my second love and were there when that ended. you all have helped me, kept me company, at times when i needed it. you have also heard all the triumphs of my life over the past four years. i might honestly say that you know more about me than most real life people, which some might argue is sad. but i disagree.

love is hard thing to pin down, and gratitude is even harder. but i feel both for many of the people of this website. you have taught me a lot and i thank you. my writing has grown a lot and i thank you. i would name names but you know who you are, even if most of you don't frequent this place anymore and wont ever read this.

this is a different break than the ones i have taken in the past. this one is absolute. i have to tell you its going to be weird not going straight to this webpage every time i start up firefox. so i guess i should end this differently, though still fittingly, with a poem. Whitman, Leaves. Goodbye S&L.

Yet we walk unheld, free, the whole earth over,
journeying up and down, till we make our ineffaceable
mark upon time and the diverse eras,

Till we saturate time and eras, that the men and
women of races, ages to come, may prove brethren
and lovers, as we are.

stay strong with love, you poets.

following your story since 2006 i can say you are one of the people i respect most here/and i dare say elsewhere, someone who i want to thank for your support, critisism, and inspiration, and someone who i wish the absolute best for in all your days and nights and those little moments in between.

so thank you, and may the load of your giant heart be forever lightened by happiness and love,

you fucking poet

have fun.
love forever,
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
we've never spoken extensively, but i've admired you and your writing since i started posting here and i wouldn't be the same writer without your inspiration. what you've said about this place rings true, and i'm not ashamed to tell you that your words have helped me when i needed it. so thank you and i truly hope you find god or yourself or whatever you need to be happy. best of luck, man.
I really wish I could have gotten to know you better. When I first came here you were one of the people I looked up to because you were one of the "regulars".

Whatever you do, have fun.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
we may not agree on all things poetic, but I very much respect you as a fellow writer and appreciate the honesty you have put forth. I bid you only good things. Best of luck in all your futures, friend.

you should know how much I adore you, babes
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godspeed, burning furniture.
the oldskool is crumbling. be careful on those cliffs
and good luck
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------

i've seen you around here since the beginning of my S&L life back in 2006. you honestly were an integral part of this community, i remember a lot of from you. i've been inspired by some of your stuff, i always read you when i had the chance and i owe my love for the mountain goats to you, haha.
respect, man. hope you have the time of your life. i don't live in mexico anymore, but if you have any questions regarding the place or whatever, pm me, i'd love to help. but most likely: just enjoy the trip and learn shit about yourself, 's what i'm doing too.

sincerely, best of luck.