Can you input microphone and guitar at the same time? Or can you use all the inputs at the same time and route them to separate tracks in a DAW?

I'm thinking maybe sometime in the future I'll use my money to get this, and a sm57, and hopefully I can maybe use it to play and sing at the same time.
I believe so. I've got a UX1 and wish I had got a UX2. Maybe someone can confirm. You may need to check in the Toneport/Pod Farm forum over at line6.com

So you want to play guitar strait into UX2 to PC and use Pod Farm and then have a microphone XLR going into UX2 for vocals.
Yeah. I wanted to play my guitar processed through a daw, then sent to skype or any other application with an input feature so the people on the client can hear. I have that down finally.

Now I want to see if I can do both microphone and guitar at the same time.
It depends on your DAW, Pod Farm can only run 2 inputs at one time afaik, but something like Ableton, Reaper, Cubase etc should be able to configure and track all inputs at once. I have a UX2 and actually haven't tried it myself but I see no reason it shouldn't
Alright I posted there.
I'd at least think it has the possibility to track the guitar to 1 track and the mic to another though right, if not also monitoring/hearing them at the same time?