Finally I can synchronize the strumming to the melody in my singing. It's taken me 2+ years of practicing 1 hour/week. I am glad I stuck to it, because I felt so discouraged and thought I would never "get it". Now the real fun begins in that I can play/sing any song I like!
Great, now get to playing jon scaffer riffs and singing like Hansi and then we can form a band.
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You shooting for a James Hetfield style? I don't know if there are any "styles" out there but James Hetfield sure does look badass playing the fast/heavy songs and singing at the same time.
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now you have to learn to sing and play painkiller
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yeah that's the killer.. playing a vocal melody with a slightly different rhythm to the guitar riff. when i was starting i found it easiest to really nail the riff first, so that i could play it without thinking about it.