So if I were to play in a field without any electrical outputs..
What would happen if I plugged my Vypyr 30W into one of these..



Above are links of portable power supplies..

Would my amp bust? or would the power supply bust?
would this even be possible?
is it stupid to try? :S

if its possible, which would you recommend me

Ibanez RG350DX Electric Guitar With DiMarzio Tone Zone
Academy Electric Guitar
BeaverCreek Acoustic Guitar

Roland Micro Cube Amp
Academy 15W Amp
Peavey Vypyr 30
Peavey Sanpera Footswitch I
if its meant to run appliances it shouldnt hurt your amp im not sure for how long it could run it
Normally you'd run a really long extension cord, or use a generator.
Batteries would be way to unreliable for the likes of me.
Some generators aren't even that noisy. If you're playing Metal, you will easily over-volume the generator.
..I was watching my death.