I've got all my pictures of her in a pile
mixed in with all the little notes and letters she left hiding in my books
hoping she could brighten my days with these pretty little surprises
and the shirt I let her borrow from time to time
because it was always too small for me anyways
all the little thisses and thats she left in my apartment

I've got them all burning
hoping the fire will get hot enough
to turn what's left of her flesh into ashes
so that I can breathe her in
smell the scent of her perfume
taste her body on my lips one last time
I'll squeeze the ashes
until her soul drips out
and drink it until my veins run black

And I'll wash my face off in the sink
wondering if I'm going to miss this when I'm perfect
while scrubbing the blood out from under my fingernails
and slipping away in the dark
I feel like the first stanza was thought out and written very carefully and tactfully. However, the second stanza gets way too morbid, which kills the overall mood that the first stanza gives. The third stanza was a little better, but again, doesn't fit the tone of the first stanza. If you were trying to shift the mood like that, bravo, but I'm still not digging this so much.

I feel like if you'd have kept the slightly sad, almost indifferent, Cure-esque feel of the first stanza, rather than turning it into a bizarre emo "I want to eat your soul" kind of broken love piece, it would have been miles better.