ok. i have a vision of:

shape: jackson kelly
woodz: mahogany with a spalted maple top, neck woods laminated as follows:
maple,wenge ,purpleheart ,wenge ,maple.
fretboard: ebony?
finish:all natural w/ satin poly
hardware: all black, string thru, 24 frets

the only thing stopping me from this is funds and i never have any free time away from school.

what does GB&C think about my idea?? any suggestions?

EDIT: 2 seymour duncan blackouts? or maybe a sexy passive pup...
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will the wood combo make a nice balanced tone? and should i go for a rosewood fb? this will just be on paper for a while till i can trust myself to not eff up such nice wood. lol
Im not the person to ask about wood and "tone" ...
I am ANTI tone voodoo... With all of my guitars, you can make any wood sound any way you want it with the right pickups and amp. Wood is like 5% contributory to sound, IMO. Fretboard wood would by FAR be the least influencing. Just use whatever fretboard wood you think would look the best.