i worked from 7am to 8.30pm yesterday and im still wdke awake, im in again in about 2.5 hours to do the same thing...........why the hell am i still awake!
It's not Christmas is it?

Damnit, I'll be in a lot of shit if it's Christmas again and I missed it.
Then don't sleep and go to work, much more will get accomplished, i wish i could be in your current position.
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Because you touch yourself at night.

Psh, that makes you sleepy. Try touching yourself! Or drinking!
Yeah, my sleeping patterns are so fawked up currently, just stay up a whole night to fix your timing.
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Because your brain didn't release enough melatonin.

This. Buy some over-the-counter melatonin and take it an hour before you want to sleep. One 5(?)mg pill is usually enough to knock you out for a good 8 hours.
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I doubt that staying on the computer will make you any less tired...if i spent hours on the computer, then I'd never be tired either. tried lying in a bed and closing your eyes?
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I can't either. Been up for like 36 hours.

you probably should you might die or somethin
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Funny thing, had this problem going on and off all summer, but just recently managed to get it over with barely once school started

Advice: Get weed, or sleeping pills, or alcohol. Drugs arent always bad
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Because your brain didn't release enough melatonin.

I'm quoting this because it will probably be the only helpful post you'll get. But he's right, your brain creates Melatonin when it's 'dark' so if you are by bright lights (computer) this may be preventing it.

I recommend (and use it myself), picking up some Melatonin tablets from your pharmacy.
Great for helping normalize a sleep schedule, and just have better quality sleep in general.
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Advice: Get weed , or sleeping pills, or alcohol. Drugs arent always bad

this seriously. I was an insomniac for a long time and now if i find I'm having trouble sleeping I'll smoke bowl, watch an episode of futurama or something and be sleepin like damn baby. It's so relaxing and calming
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