ok so as some may know i have become the lead guitarist and lead vocalist of an indie/folk band. think mumford and sons, fleet foxes, iron and wine, city and colour, good old war. now my acoustic setup is covered but not my electric. what guitar and amp combo would fit these styles, kinda mellow electric stuff. i was thinking a sheraton 2 with pickup swap and tunerswaps. through a twin. is this a good setup or do you guys have any better ideas?

budget is about 3000 for both.
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There is a Twin on your craigslist what do you know.


I also see a Traynor, and an Eganter Tourmaster you might like. I see a Mesa Rectoverb, Dr Z Maz 18, an old Vibrolux, a VOC AC30CC, etc. Not really sure what those bands sound like that you listed. Are they more of an American Fender type tone?

Sheraton II sounds cool, can't really help much more with teh gitar.
The Twin is too bland IMO, but it is a good amp for a pedal foundation.

I'd consider Hiwatt, maybe the Marshall Bluesbreaker or the Major (if you can find one, or go with a clone) Fuchs Train 45, Fuchs ODS, and I will again recommend the Budda Superdrive amps.
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