Hey so I've had my Fender acoustic for quite a while and to be honest I've never been a huge fan of it. It just never played all that smoothly and the identical Fender in the guitar shops sure feels a whole lot better but that's another story. I much prefer the sound of an acoustic unplugged than when plugged into an amp but on top of being a bit hard to play more than anything it is very quiet. So I plugged it in to play around with it and noticed that the 6th string rings about 3 times as loud as any of the other strings. This doesn't even make much sense to me but even when I bring my bass down to 0 and everything else up to 10 on the EQ, it completely overpowers. My question is is this normal? (Perhaps it's supposed to do that idk) and if so what may be the problem? Thanks!
this kind of thing is often the case with cheap acoustic electrics. it's not normal for better guitars from brands that are more consistent. the problem is that you bought a fender acoustic electric

it could be a variety of issues, actually.
ha yea that certainly is the main problem like I said I'm not all that happy with it but if I could just get it to sound right that would be great. Anyone else know what could be the problem I'm going to take the strings off sometime soon so I can really get in there and check out what's going on anyone know what I should look for specifically?