i bought a cello bow to play on my guitar, a bc rich warlock special with floyd rose
now i have it tightened for a good tension says my string theory teacher
now even if i have the right tension will it not play without rosin?

also any hints i should know to make a good sound with the boy
this is for fun, maybe only do it one time for a fun way to play an e chord prior to leading into a playing of fur elise
come on does anyone have ideas..or is pretty much me getting rosin all i need n you figure not to comment?
I had to play a guitar with a bow for a theatre production. You'll need rosin. It's no big deal, a little rosin on the strings where you pick won't hurt anything, just give it a wipe with a rag afterwards.
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You'll need rosin.

Also guitars are horribly suited for bowing, the necks and bridges are far too flat. Violin type instruments, and viol type instruments have quite rounded neck/bridges to ensure the bow has access to all strings.

Have fun playing E and e.
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Just run it through amplitube to get a cello sound. There are a couple clean presets that would work well.