My inspiration for picking up a guitar originally was Alan Jackson. I was 7 years old and my grandmother bought me an acoustic to play like him. I plucked some strings at that age and said "**** this, I'm gonna go play some Mario 3 now."

Years later my brother introduced me to Metallica and I was floored. Loved that metal sound. A few weeks later he introduced me to the album "Countdown to Extinction" and I was further floored by this sound in music (thank god my brother wasn't biased to either bands). Then a week or so later he showed my Cryptic Writings and oddly enough that was all he showed me of this Megadeth band.

Around 3 years later I picked up this live DVD called Rude Awakening and started listening from the start of the DVD to the finish. I heard Hangar 18 and I thought to myself "WTF? I haven't heard this from them!?" Then later I heard Tornado of Souls and I was floored. Sure its a pentatonic lick looking back at it now, but even now its still a badass riff. That song, that single song, made me pick up the electric guitar and want to play some music and write some of my own.

Since then I have written multiple songs on my own and with a few different bands...but one of my main influences in music just recently quit the band that influenced me most overall: Mike Portnoy quit Dream Theater. That was like a punch to the gut earlier today, but right now its created a feeling in me to get back to my roots to create a cover of the song that got me into playing music altogether, the song Tornado of Souls, but the problem is that I am no Marty Friedman. I can solo thrash style like Dave Mustaine or James Hetfield, but I can't do that solo.

If there is anyone that would like to volunteer to do the solo of this song for me, I would be forever grateful. Its out of the respect of the 80's metal movement and my personal inspiration for writing songs today.

If anyone would like to chip in and just lay down this solo for me please PM or reply to this thread. Tomorrow 9/10/10 I plan to laydown most of the rest of this song on recording and would love to have this to mix into it and have it finished by Sunday. If you volunteer please record it at the bpm of the original album's song. and just let me know/send it to me.

Sorry for the wall of text, I just wanted to make it clear that the song means a lot to me aside from being a song I like in that its a song that got me into making music of my own.
Cool blog bro. Might want to put a tl;dr in there.

Here I'll do it for you:

TS wants to record Tornado of Souls but can't do the solo, any volunteers?
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TS, I can do most of it, I'd love to help you, but my laptop is currently bluescreening itself. :\
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As per my last two sentences: Yes I just need someone to do the solo for me, as per the ****ING TOPIC.

No need to
"tl:dr" when I set out and tell you what is needed in the topic.

...Anyways, anyone that would be interested please PM me or respond still.
Hey man, I know the solo and it is one of my favorites to play. If you could send me a copy of your version of the song, I can transfer it to my digital recorder and overlay a track of the solo. I'm not sure what the BPM of the solo section is and I'm not sure if me playing along with the original solo would work because you would have to record your version in the exact bpm. Also I'm not sure if megadeth used a metronome, so the tempo may vary slightly throughout. However, just send me your version and I can easily overlay the solo for you, bro. Just let me know and I would be more than happy to lay down this monstorous solo P.S. If you know the exact BPM of your own recording, I can do a rhythm track in that tempo, play the solo and send you the solo.
I don't understand why you guys are giving the topic starter such crap for writing too much. It is a forum, you're supposed to talk on here...
If anyone is interested still: I'm using the original stem tracks from the original song, minus the guitar. I just need someone to fill in the solo.