i have a terrible ear but would love to know the chords played in this super simple song. if any1 can help me figure em out that would be great. it starts 45 seconds in, but if you've never seen the video before its 100% pretty awesome so watch the whole thing.


This is what i figured out on my own w/ power chords... i dont think it's quite right though. but maybe it is... i really cant tell

my chords got obliterated when i posted em cuz of formatting or sumthing, but basically it was:
1st power chord: index finger on 3rd fret of the a string and middle finger on 5th fret of the d and g strings
2nd power chord: a string open with 2nd fret on the d and g strings
3rd power chord: same shape as first but w/ index on the first fret
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ah sorry for the mix up zaphod.

and thanks soulfly that sounds perfect. i think i was just playing the power chord version of those. i def like it w/ the open chords better