Pre-wired Pickguard day! I've had this Johnson Strat body laying around for entirely too long. It was a freebie from a friend and it was TRASHED. Puffy paint, stickers, glue, you name it. Finally caught wind that I was getting a free strat neck and decided to do something with it. I'm generally anti-relic but its something I've deep down wanted to try for a while. Anywho, I placed an order to Guitar Fetish for the remaining parts and decided to try out one of their pre-wired guards.


Upon opening the well packaged shipment I found the Tortoise to be of the rich brownish red variety. Exactly what I'd hoped. I was worried I would wind up with one of those hideous black/red style. The soldering jobs all seemed satisfactory and clean, leaving me to connect the output jack and the trem claw ground. It should be noted that they do not include a wire to ground your tremolo claw. I'm still awaiting the neck so I can't string it just yet. But testing the humbuckers, they seem fairly ceramic in tone and probably aren't potted all that well. Some people like this, some don't. I suppose I'll see what I think once its finished.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase and how this relic job is turning out. Any feedback and helpful tips would be appreciated.

Thanks for looking

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Not surprised about the pickups, the pickups in there prewired stuff really aren't good at all. Looks nice, though!

I'm willing to give the 'pups a shot and see but I'm not expecting much. All of their actual GFS pickups I've purchased have been pretty good. If I hate these maybe I'll throw some of their "Fender Wide Range" humbuckers in. Would fit the theme, haha. And thanks for the feedback
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Yeah, their GFS ones are better than their prewired stuff. Not as "boutique" as they say, for different reasons, but they're pretty decent, I've been satisfied with the ones I've gotten, for the price.

It's hard to see in the pics, but are the knobs aged at all?

The knobs are indeed aged via some scuffing/coffee soaking. Not drastic but effective. Was debating whether to keep traditional fender style knobs or go for something different

EDIT: Pre-new pickguard/better view of knobs:
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I can't wait to see this when it's finished! Your builds/mods/refinishes are always awesome.


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looks great so far, get a good neck for her.

<--- selling a warmoth neck lol.
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Thanks for all the positive feedback! I was feeling a little iffy about doing this kind of "build" but you guys have me convinced I made the right choice.

And unless the warmoth neck is free I don't think I can beat the current offer I have, haha.
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Lookin good man...and say, where are you getting that neck from!?

Can't wait to see this guy in person.

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Tortoiseshell PG with white knobs and covered humbuckers on a black strat: So much ****ing win....
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Tortoiseshell PG with white knobs and covered humbuckers on a black strat: So much ****ing win....

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