In The Attitude Song, at about the 1:15 mark, there is that noise where Steve pulls the string over the edge of the fretboard . How exactly is this done? I can't get it to sound anything like the way he does it. There's also the one a few seconds before it that involves what I believe to be a combination of a slide and the tremolo bar. Could anyone explain these?
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When you mean pull, are you perhaps talking about bending the string over the edge? I've done this a lot when I'm just messing around with my guitar. Not sure why it sounds like a slide though.
just do a pinch harmonic as you drag the string off the fretboard and pull up on the bar....be careful though as you will be very close to breaking the string.
Could you maybe replicate the sound with a well placed harmonic, whammy bar and some strategic muting?
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Well, I wanted to do it the way he does it. He also does it in The Boy from Seattle, and I've always wanted to know how he does it. He said something about it in an interview where he pulls the B string over the E, or something like that.
Could someone at least say what pitch it is? I'm not good with figuring out tones, so I can't do it.