So I've exhausted myself looking for books and videos on music theory that make sense. I always get lost after the first minute of video or first two paragraphs... I'm a great jam guitarist and never really have a problem flowing with other musicians but theory interests me. Is there anything out there that someone can recommend? I'm currently looking at the Guitar Grimoire series, particularly the Scales and Modes version. I'm so lost already... Please help.
check out
music theory .net
they have a goo explanations on many things especially the basics

those two sites are both good for theory.
when i tried learning theory on guitar, i found it really hard and could hardly even understand the above sites, but then i started playing piano, and IMO theory is a lot easier to learn on piano than guitar so that might be something for you to try.
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Ditch the guitar grimoire, it's not going to teach you anything - it's little more than a reference book full of patterns that doesn't really give you any of the useful information about what those patterns represent how how they function and can be used.

Have a read of Josh Urban's Crusade articled in the columns section.
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