Hi guys,

Next year I'm going to study and have a little chamber in the city. My idea is to build a little studio there to be able to practice and to jam whenever we want. The jam hub is the perfect solution because you can have silent repetitions. But I do have some questions about it:

1) I have a Yamaha DTXplorer and want to connect it, but it has only a MIDI out, any solutions since there is only a jack in and a XLR in in the Jamhub?

2) Can I directly put my cube 20X into the Jamhub? it does have a recording out.

3) to connect my keyboard I just need to buy a midi to Jack cable I guess?

4)I really hate it the bedroom edition doesn't have USB, but is there another way to record on my PC?

5) Can I use the jamhub to connect my guitar to garageband? (Via USB or whatever comes out question 4?)

Thank you very much!
1) Ok, so I'm guessing this is a keyboard, so... If all it has is a midi out, your pretty much screwed, unless you use a separate sound module or something. MIDI does not transfer sound, all it does is send and receive data regarding what notes are being hit, how hard they are being hit, how long, aftertouch, and stuff like that. It is used a lot with keyboards if you want to use your keyboard only as a midi controller, and slave a rack unit, computer, or other keyboard to your keyboard. Make sense?
I'm pretty sure the Jamhub only has XLR and 1/4" inputs, and I can see no reason why it would have MIDI, other than to control it's peramiters.