Hey guys, sorry to make a thread like this, but I am having trouble and cannot seem to find any help through the virtues of Google. Hopefully somebody here can help.

Basically, I have been trying to purchase some items off eBay. I got a couple of things a few weeks ago and they worked fine. However for the most part I have been having a very annoying problem.

Basically I will choose to buy the item, confirm, choose Paypal and then log into my account. I will be on a 'Choose Payment Method' page, however it only asks me for my card number. I do not wish to pay by credit/debit card, I want to pay straight out of my bank account. I cannot choose to pay directly from my account :/

This is really frustrating me. My cousin suggested that perhaps some buyers only accept credit/debit card, however on their page it says they accept Paypal so it makes absolutely no sense

Thanks so much in advance to anybody that can help me out.
A debit card will make the transaction from your bank account you know.
But in the payments that have worked I have not been required to put in a debit card number. It just takes it straight from my bank account via paypal.
hmm may be it's just that the seller has specified something in eBay???

may be contact him directly??
i know you need to add the credit card to get verified but if youve added the bank account then you are verified
loads of sellers specify that you need to be a verified account user to buy it
I thought PayPal normally asked for card details as a back up incase your bank account had insufficient funds?
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