Hi everyone, this is my first post here so please go easy if this is in the wrong forum etc.
Ok, I'll get to it, I have a Godin SD and although I love the feel and playability of the guitar I really want to improve on the tone and sound of the guitar.
For those of you who are not aware of the pickup set up it has two single coils and a humbucker at the bridge. All pickups are Godins own.
I will post a clip of the kind of tone I want to achieve below but to give you an outline of what I'm after, I want to create a clear and bright tone but with a mellow edge to it. Clean is the most important aspect of the guitar but I would like the Humbucker to be good for a solid distortion tone.
I guess the main thing the godin pick ups lack aare clarity, they are a little muddy for my taste. I do like the sound of a strat or tele with delay etc but I would appreciate any help or advice on pickups that will help me achieve the sound I am aiming for.
A song that covers pretty much all the sounds and tones I am interested in is here....


Although I am looking to upgrade the pickups, if someone tells me I am better leaving the guitar the way it is for any reason I will pay heed. I do feel that the Godin SD should be a decent enough guitar and be worth hotroding but if not then no problem.
One other thing I would like to ask on a side note addresses my guitars problem of staying in tune. The G string always seems to detune faster than it should... should i look at changing the tuning pegs or is there a better way to stop the constant tuning i have to perform.
I know that was a fairly long post so thank you for reading and thanks for anyones input. It is much appreciated.
First of all welcome to UG and yes your are in the right section.

There are some folks here that are well versed in pickups like forsaknazrael, gumbilicious, CorduroyEW, and others. I'll get a link for you too.

First we need to know what amp you are using?

As far as the tuning goes, make sure you are tying off your strings correctly and maybe lube up the nut a bit with some nutsauce or pencil lead. There is a Guitar Set Up QnA Sticky in the Electric Guitar forum that can help further on that.

Link is was thinking of: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1014301

maybe something like an Air Norton and then a Duncan Custom for bridge but I'm a noob when it comes to pups.
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Thanks for the warm welcome
I have a crate gx 60 (or something like that) which i hardly use as its too loud for my flat. I also have a small Vox DA5 which i tend to do most of my playing around on.
To be honest I don't play live anymore and really just enjoy the recording process. I tend to record straight into my E-mu sound card and then carve my tone through guitar rig 3. I know that the sound is never going to be great through this program but its the easiest way for me to record. I do plan on buying a Blackstar HT - 5 at some point soon but I wanted to get the guitar hotroded first. Thanks for the link, i will have a read now but it would be great if anyone has any advise on both pickups, amps aand even how I could get the desired tone through Guitar rig 3. Thanks again.
That was a cool pickup listing. I guess I need advise for a good bridge pickup which will give me warm distortion and two single coils which give a nice mellow yet clear tone.