Poll: For me the UG lessons were
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Useful and successful
11 65%
Interesting, but not working
4 24%
Nothing new
2 12%
Unsave (because made by amateurs)
0 0%
Voters: 17.
Hey I wanna invite as much of you people here to tell me about the 'learning factor' at UG.

Do/Did these Lessons on UG effect your understanding of music positiv?

Have you ever used them?

I have seen at lot of corrections that were needed and asked myself if these lesson bring up more question/confusion or more knowledge.

Do you use more UG.tv or more the member made stuff to get into theory.

and finally: is UG your favorite Site for Music learning?

Thx for answers.
Some lessons are good, and some are bad. Stick to the higher rated ones.

I've never used UG.tv, so I wouldn't know.

UG is defiantly my favorite learning site.
It taught me music theory. The music theory for beginners was a HUGE help to me.

But I think there's a better forum suited for this type of question, maybe music talk or feedback or soemthing.
UG video lessons were much better when I started coming here with the likes of Kristopher Dahl, most now are pretty worthless

This is where I learned alot theory

with the lessons and forums theres no other place I really go for good information
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Havent used the lessons here yet, but i'll probably use some of the theory lessons soon :P
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Pickngrin's videos helped me alot when I was starting out.
I don't really use UG as a learning site. Mostly I just lurk the pit.

Most articles don't tell me anything I don't already know, but there's a few that are quite useful.