Hey UG,

I broke by accident a string yesterday, so I'm looking for some new strings. But I have no idea what strings I should buy.
I play mainly rock/metal stuff (fingerstyle). Currently in my band we play Rock.

I own a Cort T35 (5 string bass).

Sorry for my bad English.
I use Rotosound Swings on all my basses. Really great bright tone and they last a fair while too. Erine ball also make great strings as well. I'm off D'addarios completely they just die way too quickly.
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Rotos or Stadium Elites. I would actually recommend the Elites. In sound they are similar to the Rotos, but seem to last longer and maintain tone better over time.
Alright, I'll check these out. Thanks.

Btw would anyone recommend Dunlop RT5 Trujillo Uno Mas (45-130) strings?
Quote by BassSjoerd
Btw would anyone recommend Dunlop RT5 Trujillo Uno Mas (45-130) strings?

Rob Trujillo might. I wouldn't though, I've never heard good things about Dunlop strings.
I've never had any problems with d'addario strings. Never was a big fan of ghs strings though. Rotosounds are also pretty awesome as previously mentioned.
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Rotosound are good strings. They're well priced, retain their tone for a long time, and just sound good.

My only quarrel with them is that for the first few days after putting them on, they just feel absolutely horrible on my fingers.
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I prefer D'addario, great bright sound and in MY opinion they last you a good while and wont break the bank.
What would you say about DR's Black Beauties vs Rotosound's strings? Which one should I get?
Ive heard many good things about each brand, but I have never played any.

I prefer the sound the DRs (not sure about the black beauts though) and the rotosound sound kinda scratchy to me (though theyre really bright, if thats what you're going for)