Alright, I'm sure similar questions have been posted before. Yes, I've used the search function and I found some threads, but my situation is a bit different and there's a forum rule that says I shouldn't bump old threads.
So here it goes:

I've been playing bass for a bit over a year now. I bought myself an Ashdown After Eight, 15 watt 8" combo. Good enough for the bedroom playing I do.
Now, recently I moved to a different room in the house, which unfortunately shares a wall with my neighbours bedroom. My neighbours work in the hospital and have both day and night shifts, so it's not as simple as saying "no playing after 10pm". They can tolerate quite a bit, but I'd hate to push every last bit out of their kindness.
On top of that, my brother recently started playing djembe... (for those who are not familiar with the instrument: it's a drum that originated in west-Africa). Now, he tends to start practice at random times of the day, basic practices without proper rhythm. As you can probably guess, that's pretty annoying when trying to play bass.

So, what I need is something that mutes me for my neighbours and mutes my brother for me. A headphone?

I'm in need for a quality headphone with decent bass and middle sound and insulation form surround noise. I do not need it to go very loud, as I do not intend to inflict hearing damage upon myself.
My budget? I aim at about €50 ($64). I prefer it to cost less, but if spending a bit more than that massively improves the value of the product, then of course I'd consider it.

I would really appreciate it if some brands and models could be suggested. Of course I need to go and listen for myself, but it's better to have a list of products worth checking out.

Kind regards,