Looking to build a 410 amp bassed on the Ampeg SVT410HE with my dad as a project. We are both capable of doing this and have all the tools required for the job (I think?). My dad is an electrical engineer, so he knows all the wiring etc. I'm a Toolmaker and engineer, so i can do just as much as him, but without the electrical, so this can be done. All i need is some information off you guys. 1st of all, has anyone done this before? if so where did you get all your suplies? What speakers does this cab use? Can someone point me out to a site with good prices? Does anyone have any plans of this cab? Any templates? Anything just to make life easier?

The speakers i will most likely use are Eminence Legend 8Ohm speakers, apparently the direct replacement speaker. Any idea where i could aquire all the parts for this job? Including things like the speaker corners, the covering, the grill cloth etc

Really interested in doing this, so would appretiate all the help!
That cab is pure awesome!

Wow do you have plans or something? Step by step guide?

I live in the UK, but i'll pay shipping for parts if it's not too much