Hi at u all ,I'm an italian new member,
today I saw an old EKO Ranger 6 acustic guitar into a guitar shop.it seems in nice condition and the salesman told me it is made in '76,and he want 300€ (382$ or 248£.
I don't know acustic guitar world....what do u think about? is it a good price or do u think I can find it for less money?(282$ for example?)
These guitars have high reputation(except cheap new ones for beginners).Prices may vary so don't worry about that.There's a lot of information about them,for instant check Harmony Central.
as far as i know, ranger 6 was and is a budget guitar. keep in mind that while an axe that old may have a lot of mojo, it may also have the normal issues associated with a guitar that age - and most guitars that age need a neck reset, which isn't a cheap thing.

you can find a new one for under $300 in the u.s.
but not sure why you wouldn't want to get a different brand instead.
the frets and the neck seems ok,maybe the salesman has geot some reparations or set right,I'll go back to ask him...however the thing which bother me,is the fact italian salesmen usually tend to sell their stuff at the double or triple than the real effective value price....expecially this was start to happen from when it's start the new € currency introduction ....all prices of everything are redoubled ,triplicated....it's really outargious.....food,fuel,everything....€ is/has more value than $ now,and many italian businessmen cash in on/take advantage...
yesterday I done/made (sorry bad English of mine) a research in web,and I read about EKO company ends/puts out of businness in '69.......while salesman told me that Ranger 6 is from '76....so,if this is the truth,that Ranger 6 is a reissue,right?
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Well,I've found another older Ranger6. this is from '72 and it's very cheap...120$ ,but the point is: the bridge is broken...a giant crack ...so,it need to be repalced.
Other point is: how much the reparation? I'ld like put a NOS bridge,but I dont think that is possible ...I don't know.. however a '72 is better than a '76,isnt it?
I have a Ranger 6 that's in good condition. I've been able to determine that is was produced in 1967, but have been unable to find out it's worth. I've been all over the net, but as I am relatively new to computers, I need some help. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks