We are a hard/alternative rock band in need of a bassist! The name of the band is Awake At Dawn. We play melodic hard rock and have been described as Alice In Chains on acid. We request pro gear, willingness and ability to tour, and a solid work ethic. If you can whack the four(or five) strings well, that would clearly be a good thing. Must be able to play out of town gigs on weekends and we are planning both a fall and spring tour. Additionally you will have the opportunity to lay bass down on a new track that will be released next month. No waiting to get your playing out there. Please be between the general ages of 21-29, actively pursuing music like it was an addiction, and have enough gas to make it to band practice. We practice Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday generally, with more thrown in as needed.

WTF does it sound like? That is what I would be thinking at this point. Links below:
When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children? I want my children to listen to people who fucking ROCKED! I don't care if they died in puddles of their own vomit! I want someone who plays from his fucking HEART!" - Bill Hicks
I live in Austin and will play bass for money, email me if you want a hired gun. Other than that, not looking to join anymore bands.