I'm a huge fan of the technique, it sounds great, and is fairly challenging, I just recently started getting good at it, but what are some good tings to know about it?

Like, is it good to angle your pick when sweeping?
Or, is it better to pick the extra note or hammer on it?

I understand that guitar is more a personal preference thing mostly, but I'd like to get better at it and multiple inputs would be better than trying to force myself to do it improperly.
I prefer to hammer on when possible, it makes life a hell of alot easier. I also tend to angle my pick i find i get a cleaner sound and theres less sof a chance of getting your pick caught in the strings
Hm, I was afraid of that >< it feels kinda funny when I angle it, But I do need practice... Lots.
yeah it does :P it took me a while to get but i just find it way easier, but do what feels comfortable
a song the really helped me with sweeping is alaska by between the buried and me.
learn a song with some sweeping in it, it'll make you learn it faster trust me thats how i learned, on a BFMV song lol, worked pretty well though
Oh, I got the song covered, Unbound (The Wild Ride) by A7x has 5/6 string sweeps and it's tough
Nice man, Unbound is a great song. Also try Sidewinder, I'm pretty sure it has some sweeps in there, and so does The Wicked End and Bat Country. If you want some faster ones, try Afterlife, I'm pretty sure Buried Alive does as well, and possibly a few off their new album Nightmare
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Not much of an angle, just a sight one from how you move your wrist. Don't make it too drastic or it may sound off, the notes are supposed to all sound clean and seperate.
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Both of those questions have the same answer: it depends on the sound you want.
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