I've been asked by my music teacher to find an example of a song (or songs) with a really good melody. I'm having trouble thinking of anything off the top of my head. Suggestions?
Eleanor rigby
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Nearly anything by the Beatles. Or perhaps something like "Somewhere over the Rainbow", or that Disney theme song, "When you wish upon a star". Cheesy, I know, but great melody, surely?
Gershwin, George Gershwin was without a doubt the greatest melodist that America has EVER produced.

Hell, I can look at one work, "Porgy and Bess" and can find you a ton of em:
Beautiful Melodies
My Man's Gone Now MY FAVORITE MELODIE EVER. Its just haunting. I get goosebumps every time.
Bess, You is my Woman Now (simply gorgeous and tear jerking)
Oh, Doctor Jesus! (start at 2:25)
Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way the Finale of the Opera, its also wonderful

Awesome / High-spirited melodies
There's a Boat that's Leavin' Soon for New York Incredible, you can't get better melodically.
Leavin for da Promise Lan' Notice how the melody imitates a train? Genius! (and the a cappella section is gold)
A Woman is a Sometime Thing
I Ain't Got No Shame / It Ain't Necessarily So to get the really good melody, start at 2:00
A Redheaded Woman

Hell, even in the Recitatives (the music between the main numbers) there are simply amazing melodies
The Crap Game ("Oh, Little Stars!")
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