I'm looking to buy some guitar modeling software/hardware and I'm unsure of what to purchase. What are some of the pros & cons of Amplitube, Line 6, etc?

I'm not a professional musician, don't play live and just play for my own enjoyment. I'd use it for practice and for recording. My budget is up to $500. What would be my best bet? I've seen videos on Line 6 and Amplitube 3, but don't know how to compare them.

I have the Line 6 POD Studio UX1, and I find that it's a little fizzy for my liking. Don't get me wrong, it's a great bit of kit, and the POD will be good for recording from my HT-5, so I think its definitely worth it
Can't comment on the others.
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I own guitar rig 4. The software is great but the interfaces are even better! Most assuredly someone will come in here and tell you that there is free software all over teh interwebz, but Guitar Rig has some amazing stuff.

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You are lucky in that I have used all three pieces of software / equipment that you are mentioning.

The Pod is probably the worst for me. I used a PODXT for around a year going into a lexicon interface and now my edirol UA-25. No matter what I did I could not yield the results I wanted which was a believable tube tone and a thick, full sounding mix when recording. Lots of amp models, lots of effects but it lacked in quality in my opinion.

Guitar rig is a hell of a lot better, especially guitar rig four, I used this for around a year again. My mixes sounded a lot thicker and I had more tweakability in my opinion. Amps sounded quite realistic and i was very happy with it until now. To me it sounds a little in your face, which is good if you like that kind of thing. I was however finding it hard to get a nice "room" sound with it. It was however quite easy to use you can just drag and drop amps and effects and work it like you would a normal amp almost.

Amplitube. Using this currently and I must say when you get to grips with it, it is the best sounding and most tweakable out of the three if you ask me. I love the tones I am getting with it right now. However it has a steeper learning curve than guitar rig and the pod. This may however be because I have only just started using it and i was very much used to the layout of guitar rig. I am finding with amplitube I can get pretty much any tone i want. The tube breakup and dynamics also sound a lot more realistic than the pod and guitar rig.

My 2 cents
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