Im looking at buying a Marshall JMD:1 2x12 combo. Here's my dilemia, I know I dont need 100 watts, however the 50w model is only roughly $50 cheaper. Seem's a shame in a way to leave 50w's on the table for no more than Id be saving. What would you guys recommend?
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thought the same thing a year ago. really wish i would have gone with the 100 watter. oh hindsight...
Since it has a master volume and the only way you can get power tube saturation from such a tube amp is to crank it to the gills, I'd go with the 100 watt version. The extra headroom may come in handy some day.
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i dont think youll ever use 100 watts ever if your playing a gig that needs 100 watts odds are they have a pa that could mic your amp
go for 50 if you plan on cranking that sucka unless you need the headroom which i doubt
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The only time a 100W would be preferrable is if you are playing modern metal (and even then you'll probably never turn a 50W up loud enough to pick the difference), for everything else 50W. The 50W'er will save you money when it comes time to retube it. Might only save you $50 now but over time it will save you a lot more
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if you think you will ever need 100w. some day (tomorrow, next month, next year?) you can always buy the 100w and get an attenuator (but you can also do that with the 50w of course)