I just started learning piano about a week ago and love to compose on it. I know my form is bad, but forming chords are hard for me to do right now. It also sounds a bit repetitive, but I'm sure I will add more and a whole band will fill the empty space. Yes there are blatant mess ups and I didn't finish like I wanted to because I had to turn off the drums and forgot what I had planned. Also, turning off the drums kinda through me off at the end. Oh well, here it is. I am also taking a beginner piano course at college.

Thank you!

I could totally imagine vocals to this piece, if the drums sounded authentic, they would've been really great. As of now, I think its pulling your song down a bit buuutt that's not your fault, it's the damn keyboard :P Dude, I think your playing is really good, seriously. Like just for one week, its pretty good. Have you composed songs before? Oh btw I could totally imagine vocals to this song :P

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It's great you're writing stuff like this after such a short time. I highly recommend getting a keyboard with a built-in sequencer or get a synth/keyboard plug-in with something like Cubase. Then you can clean up the errors with the sequencer, and then you could layer more melodies & sounds/instruments. If you like to write music, you should love doing multi-track stuff. Your song is off to a very good start for a beginner. It feels like it needs vocals. If you don't sing, write some vocal melody & lyrics. Lots of good looking women out there that like to sing. Please review my music at this link:

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@inyourgirlagain - Yeah, the drums suck and are the same thing throughout. I actually have been piecing together lyrics today(I recorded it to judo just so, but figured I'd post here). I've never composed before except generic power chords stuff. My main instrument is bass so I don't compose much. I really enjoy composing on a piano rather than guitar because I find it easier and I like being able to use my theory knowledge more. Like I said, I have been putting some ideas down, but I don't have the best voice.

@aarontheaardvark - Yeah, I agree. I never really felt like investing in one, but I liked to mess around at my friends house on his. I am probably going to look into a higher quality keyboard because this one is very old and has Michael Jackson on the box. Yeah, I'm working on the vocals part, slowly but surely.

Thank you! I'll crit your pieces shortly.
It's really cool. You definitely should add some lead part with your right hand, when you are doing the parts where you only use your left hand. I like how you change the rhythm up with the chords you are playing with your left hand, just need to start adding some lead to it to make it more interesting, it got kind of repetitive after a minute or so.
Sounds pretty good. The parts where just your left hand is playing you should be doing something with your right hand. Adding something with the right hand will make it sound more interesting and less repetitive. It sounds really nice for what it is though. Just get that right hand involved someway to add some more depth to it. Can you crit my piece here
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Yeah, I agree, but the keyboard sucks and I can't play more than 4 keys at a time without something getting cut out. I had a little solo I wanted to throw in, but the keyboard is so old and bad.