One of these cabs popped up on CL for $275. I know it has some 70 watt V30s which are supposedly modded for the amp it came with. Just wondering if anyone had input on this cab and if it would sound better than my 1960 with my Rectum Frier.
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Not a great amp, certainly no comparison to a recto but if that's including the cab the price looks very very good. I believe the mode 4 cabs are supposed to be excellent too, though I can't say from experience.
... Just for the cab right?

It's a good cab, those 70W Vintage 30s are pretty sweet. I think that's a decent price too, I'd personally go for it.
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that's a good deal on the cab, if anything else comes with it bonus.

i've played that model cab, it's quite good.

edit: also, just for the record. the marshall logo on a mf cab is brushed aluminum. it has more mojo than any white platic logo ever created.

there, glad i got that off my chest.

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Great deal. Jump on it.
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Sweet. Gonna get it tonight, use it for the rectifier and let the other guitar player in the band use the 1960. Love my cab, but my Recto is dying for some V30s lovin. Thanks!
Picked up the cab. Very nice. Better handles than the 1960, nice casters, silver logo. Very heavy, about the size of the tall Mesa cabs. Looking forward to cranking it next week at practice but it sounds great so far.
Mode Four cabs are arguably the best cabs Marshall makes, lots of pros use them because they've got a better bass response than the 1960A/B cabs. Good find.
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