Hey everyone,

So I was thinking about buying a Vox VT30, since it is a very nice amp. I want to use it for home playing only. But what about the VT50? If the difference is only the volume of the amp? In that case the VT30 will be enough, but if the sound quality is way better, it would be a pitty that I didn't buy the VT50 in the first place

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they are very good amps indeed! I played the vt50 like a month ago.
But the only difference is the amount of Watts.
i played both yesterday i dont know what was up but the vt 30 was way louder prob faulty electronics but the 50 sounded way way way better even with the exact same settings
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VT50 has external speaker out, 12" (and a better) speaker. If you can afford it, get the 50. Its got a better stock speaker and the speaker out jack is useful, and you can attenuate the power right down to 0.1W anyway if you need to bedroom practice or something
If you've got the cash (or are willing to buy used) go for the 50w. My bandmate has a 30w and it's nearly impossible to hear even in practice.