im in the market for a new amp. ive been lookin at heads the whole time but realized that they will be way too loud for the house i live in with other people.

im just lookin for suggestions of good tube combo amps that must:
-be able to reach low volumes to practice but be loud enough for small gigs
-i play a lot of styles but mostly metal so high gain would be nice
-but having good cleans is a must
-at least two channels

price isnt really an issue at this point. im new at buying amps and knowing wat to look for so im open to anything you guys might suggest.
you should really try out the Bogner Alchemist combo, its all tube and 40w. its deffinetly Loud enough for small gigs, and decent for practicing. It does classic rock really well, and surprisingly does metal. you just have to tweek the setting a bit, But once you find a decent tone that you want. just use the boost setting on the amp and it will give the sound more saturation. and you could even try an overdrive pedal. its a very versatile amp