Hello everyone. This year I am taking my University's "Composition Seminar," which examines modern compositions and the processes involved in their creation and has student's create their own compositions using those methods. The topic this year is "works for Percussion and/or electronic instruments." Our first assignment was to create a phrase study that swaps a theme between non-pitched instruments of different timbre (we were to base our composition on Edgar Varese's "Ionisation")

So, here is my shot at the exercise, and also my first attempt at composition.
"Prueba Ritmica"
the score (to follow along with)

The recording is a straight export from the notation software "Finale."

I would love to hear your feedback. Specifically, being a pianist, I have no idea about the technique of a percussionist. That being the case, I would love for a percussionist to examine the score and determine if what I've asked for is performable in practice (not difficult, which I don't think it is, but just things like "is it practical to hit a cymbal, mute it, and switch to the guiro as quickly as I've asked for it" and other such matters).

I appreciate any feedback!
Hey, thanks for the crit. I liked the feel to it, was very interesting. Not being a percussionist (in the sense you're talking about), I can't comment on the technique, but I do think it sounded quite cool. The ending was a little abrupt, however, maybe slow the tempo as you go into those final few hits. Seeing as pure percussion isn't what I normally do, I can't offer you too much more insight into it, so my apologies.
I appreciate the comment! I cut two measures off of the end of the first 5/4 section so that it sounds more incomplete and interrupted, that way when it comes back around at the end, there's more of a sense of comming together for the first time, in addition I added the 1st section bongo motive into the 4/4 bar of silence 1 from the end, both of these together make the ending a little more welcome and less abrupt, I think. When I make a few other changes, I'll reupload it and you can see the revised version!

Thanks for your comment!