I've been looking too buy an epiphone flying v for some time now, but have only just got round to doing it.
I had a quick look on ebay & i found what seems to be a good deal, however, after a quick look i'm not sure if its genuine, as i've not seen another like it, and the headstock seems different to that of other epiphone v's.
Was just wondering if anyone could help!

Pictures are attached.
why would somebody fake a £200 guitar????

it looks fine to me... but dont hold me to it
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can you get any smaller pics of the headstock?

looks legit to me.

edit: better headstock pic, still looks legit.
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looks legit to me as well. i would say they added the trem on the guitar, never seen an epi with a trem bridge before.

also look up the serial number as well.
Yeahh, it checks out!
I think i'll get it, seems worth the price.
Thanks for all your help!
it might be an older version

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