I'm working on my first build and have a quick question about a pick up ring for my Seymore Duncan bridge humbucker.

The body is a Warmoth Jaguar style routed for S-S-H with a standard strat neck and a Wilkinson Trem (from LR Baggs).

Here's my question: What type of pick up ring should I use--flat, medium tapered or tall tapered? I'm not using a pickguard since the body is laminated with with a piece flame top maple.

If you're doing pickup rings for the singles (they exist, I got mine from Stewart Macdonald), go with a flat because they'll all look right together since those are flat. However, you'll have to lift the bridge pickup way up if you're going to get it set up properly, so if you're just putting a ring around that one, go with a medium or tall. Pickup rings are really all about looks, there's not much function to them as far as I'm aware. If you can, order/buy one of each height and return the ones you don't think look good, that's the best way to know for sure.
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Thanks Reisgar, I was planning on using the flat StewMac rings for the singles. I'm pretty sure they'll fit the Seymour Duncan Classic Stacks that I have and the Warmoth routes. I'll probably do as you suggested and will buy a tall, medium and maybe even flat humbucker ring from StewMac as well.