To start i'll state my gear:
Dean Dime Razorback Explosion (bought 2nd hand off eBay, very good condition)
Schecter Omen Extreme FR (bought new a few months ago)
Epiphone Les Paul Standard (bought new a couple of months ago)

Cheap Cable

Zoom G2.1u

Cheap Cable

Marshall AVT100X
Marshall MG10CD

Whenever i use this gear in any combination i always get a buzzing sound from the Amp. i've tried using slightly better quality guitar cable (£15 cable) from Guitar to Amp but i still get it. i've tried using the noise reducer on the Zoom G2.1u but the threshold has to be on full and it has a slightly less natural sound.

The buzzing dissapears when i touch any metal part of the Guitar or Zoom G2.1u. i've also tried moving all the gear to a room with no electronics, same problem.

How do i solve this problem?

Any help is much appreciated!
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sounds like a grounding issue. Are the guitars grounded properly, ground good in the amp?, ground @wall receptacle good?
Quote by Invader Jim
that is normal.

its not a ground issue.

But when i hear other people's amps they don't have this problem. Or at least, is minimal. This is way too loud for what it is.
if you are asking if aluminum foil will work, it will.

but tape is far easier to deal with and can be soldered to.

use at least 2 layers of aluminum foil. i shielded my amp with 3 with great results (after an hour of wrestling with the tissue-thin foil).

be sure to connect the foil to the sleeve of the jack (the lug connected to the back of the pots).
Sorry, but i'm not good on the electronics side. When you said Control Cavity you mean on the back of the guitar right. Now you brought up about shielding amps and jack cables/plugs?

What exactly do i need to do with the Copper Tape/Aluminum Foil?
Brilliant. i'll have a read of that now.

"guitars that pick up local radio stations are good examples. "

i still think it's a little strange it's happening to all of my guitars. Even the new ones.
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