Hey guys, I was wondering how often should I clean my fretboard (rosewood) ? Currently, whenever I change my strings, I spray some lemon oil on my microfiber cloth and wipe down my fretboard thoroughly then polish it off with the other side of the cloth. I was wondering if this was good or bad. Thanks.
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Lemon oil is actually good for your fretboard. It keeps it from cracking. But don't use it on maple.
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Lemon oil should be used very sparingly. You can damage your fretboard by using it so often. I mean sparingly, as in, you should use it once a year at most.

There are other products you can use more frequently. Dunlop makes good stuff. I used to use the Gibson cleaners, but the Dunlop stuff is a lot better imo. I don't know much about other products.

Just make sure that when you're cleaning your fretboard, to use actual cleaner, and not lemon oil, because that can be very harmful if overused. Even with normal cleaner, you should not go overboard with it, and use only as much as you really need.
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