as you can see, I am planning on having some upgrades done to my Epi LP Gold Top. I was wondering if the "deluxe" Gibson pups (the "slimmer-style" humbuckers) would just slide into the same cavity as the p-90's. I hope so, I don't wanna have to re-drill the pup slots. I don't have a set handy to double-check the size difference. I want to see if this is even possible before I continue on with this Idea. I the reason I want to do this is because I found a great deal on the pups and I want to convert my goldtop to a deluxe goldtop since epiphone doesn't offer this design, I'll just make it myself! I am also going to strip all the wiring/pots/switches out of the guitar and have it completely re-wired, professionally, since, at this point, the inside of the cavity looks like a damn "birds nest" HAHAHA

Any input is appreciated!