Freeing up funds....got several things incoming, so things gotta go! Paypal gift option is always appreciated.

Pedaltrain Mini - I already laid two full-length strips of loop-side industrial velcro, but it barely looks used. Never gigged, excellent condition. The original soft case is included, which I never used. Zipper and internals are 100%. Yours for $50 shipped and pp'd.

Danelectro CC Drive V1 - The OCD clone. I'm ashamed to say that it's the sixth one I've owned, but it really is that good. Excellent condition, original box is included. $40 shipped and pp'd

CAD D189 Cardioid Mic - Came with the Satriani mic set, and I've only used the ribbon mic. This is absolutely unused, and has literally sat in its pouch for a year. Never used, never even touched. $40 shipped and pp'd.

I'll have pics up in a second.