I just got an epiphone eb bass guitar for 50 bucks how did I do

I was going to buy one of those, the EB-1 I think. With the sidewinder, they only had the EB-0 in, I played that and every other Epi bass in the store. Meh. If you can sell it for a 100 and you'll be laughing.
You could have done really good or really bad, it depends on the individual bass.
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if its a eb-3 you did awsome if its a eb-0 u got ripped off
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my bassist has an EB-0 and I can't stand it at all. I have never tried an EB-3 but they are supposed to be better. but like captain insano (who shows no mercy) said, and instrument for 50 bucks is an alright deal. I wouldn't mind having one for parts.
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