Everything you guys need to know is in the description on youtube.

The only really comments i dont want is that the sound sucks. I know. I dont have anything else to record the audio with and money is being saved atm. But unleash your wrath, only way im going to get better hehe
Cool. Looks good. No real problems with your playing. I always wanted to learn the song myself but I can never remember the order of the riffs!

One thing I'd advise against is to warm up with battery. I used to do that (just played the main riff a few times) and then I'd jump straight into playing, and now I'm suffering for it cause I have problems with my picking hand and now I have to spend extra time warming up. The riff is far too fast for a warmup. You probably won't listen to me but I can't say I didn't warn you

Also, why are you topless?
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