So I've had a Mesa/boogie dual recto head and 2 x 12 cab for about 3 years. I originally got it for a band and used it well but I'm in school right now and not really using it that much.

Anyway my friend offered to buy it off me if I decide to sell it. Its in perfect condition pretty much. Obviously I wanna give him a good deal but I also don't wanna devalue this beautiful amp.

Also, whether I sell it or not depends on the possibility of getting another powerful tube amp for the future when I'll probly be in another band. I'd like an amp with a good amount of power and LOTS of distortion, used almost exclusively for metal. I've heard Peavey 5150's are good for that?

Anyway thanks for any help or suggestions guys.
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^get a 6505 instead. *bad joke*

(wait i have a linky)

OK...use something like this to get an idea.

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if you sell it to me, a very good deal would be around $50 , but if you sell it to someone else, i would go with around $1500 (like guitar sushi said).
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1500 is the usual price for mint Mesa Boogie Dual Recto's.

Don't know where you're looking for Dual Rectos, but I wouldn't touch one with a 30 ft pole for that much.

I've bought 4 in the past 2 months for $800-1000. Even $1200 is really pushing it. For $1500 you could buy a Roadster, Road King or Mark V.
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People sell their Dual Recs for $1800+ here regularly. I laugh when their listings are still up 3 months later.
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On ebay, Dual Rectos tend to go for $1100-1400.

That's what I thought. I went to Ebay and did a "completed listings" search (under advanced search) and see that they go from $800 to $1200. I'd sell it for $1000 to your buddy. It'll save you from headaches related to shipping.

I sold one for $1600 in December/09, but it was from a Canadian buyer (I'm Canadian too) and he paid the full price, even though I had the "best offer" setting on it. I had an extra face plate that I had planned on spray painting black. I was hoping to negotiate around $1300.

Keep in mind that there are new Dual Rectifiers as of this year. They've tweaked and improved some parts of the amp, so the older versions will not be as desirable (3 channel versions).
Alright so I'm thinkin between $800-$1000, but is that including the cab or no? The cab is 2 x 12.
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Without the cab. Mesa 2x12 go for $375 to $450 used.

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Alright so I'm thinkin between $800-$1000, but is that including the cab or no? The cab is 2 x 12.
$1200 for the head and cab. Sadly, Recto's currently aren't an easy sell unless you're willing to take a hit.
I'll take it off your hands for $20 >.>

Really though, I'd say $750 - $1100 would be a good price for the head, and no more than $450 for the cab, though if I were you, I'd just keep the cab for myself. But that's just me.
I'd advise keeping the head and cab. You may not be using it all that much right now, but down the road you might. I'd rather have a nice amp sitting unused for a short period of time than to sell it and settle on something for practicing. Why not pick up a Line6 Pod just for at home practice?