...play shows?
...release an album?
...be on tour?

By "best", I mean in terms of gaining the most fans. Share you opinion!
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If I'm correct you play shows while on tour lol

No...just because musician/band plays a show doesn't mean that they're on tour. Duh.
The best way to answer this is to ask yourself "what days do I go to gigs", "if my favourite band played on x day or month, would I care?", "what month do I usually buy albums in?".
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I'd suggest releasing albums in the winter. In this area, people will have more money becayse they aren't spending it at the pool/cruising around/going to sports games. And they'll be stuck inside the malls, which, conveniently,sell CDs.
IMO, start locally and expand outward by making connections with other bands and venues, as far as gigging/touring goes.
Unless you're a tight band with a decent following, I don't suggest "touring". Rather, look to play as many good shows, mainly weekends at venues/with bands who have a good, strong audience.
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In my area, if you've been booked on a Friday you've "made it", but you have to call months in advance to get a decent gig.
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Friday and saturday nights
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I think you should be able to do any of those listed at any given time. I've seen concerts at any and every time of the year, and really don't think the time of year has effected when I buy an album.

The only thing that I think would matter is if you want to go play in Maine or Alaska or something like that in the middle of winter when there is 6 feet of snow. You probably won't have "too" many people coming out to the show.