having an issue with my epi lp st.

i have pretty big pitch deviation when fretting, even when i dont press down too hard.
happens particularly when playing bar chords + vibrato.

are my strings too light? i think theyre elixir 9's nanowebs but its been a long time since i replaced them so not 100%.

got it set up by a tech with these strings on though, he mightve done a dodgy job, i donno.

i thought maybe i was just fretting too hard but its way too sensitive to be my fault after playing on other electrics.

any ideas would be appreciated!

Could be. Also, check the intonation. Play the 12th fret harmonic, and then the the 12th fret fretted, and see how much difference there is in pitch between the two notes./
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Intonation can be fine at the 12th fret but still way off everywhere else. In fact even with a compensated nut (which your Epi doesn't have) it can still be hard to get the G string to stay in tune around the 6th fret and the high E string at the 1st fret. Certainly sounds like an intonation problem, most likely uneven frets or if the guitar has had a fret dressing then they might have been taken too low in relation to the nut. You can also have similar problems if the nut slots are cut too deep, common with electric guitars that have been serviced by techs used to working with acoustics.

Given so many possible causes, I would advise you take the guitar to a different tech and have them set up the guitar again and make sure to tell them about the problems you have bene having. It would also help to get them to fit a compensated nut at the same time (costs next to nothing, you can buy Earvana compensated nuts on lots of online guitar part shops and fitting a new, pre-cut nut shouldn't take a decent tech any more than about half an hour at most).
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