Sup, guys? thanks for stopping by.

so i recently had to grab some male to male mic cables, but none of the stores in my area had any for sale and nor would they order any in. so my solution was to buy half the amount of cables i needed at twice the leangth, all male - female XLR's, cut them in half and solder male connectors on to the ends. Here's the problem: they pick up an incredible amount of noise along the way.

now, i HAVE tried googling it, and couldn't find anything that might suggest that it's anything other than my soldering, but i assure you, it appears to be fine to my eye.

the cable is Amphe-Sound by Amphenol. does anyone know of any reason why the cable itself might be shit?

Unfortunately i'm not entirely sure what XLR connectors i'm using and the only markings i can find on it is a little SA between the pins.

While i would LOVE to think the problem isn't my dodgy soldering, it probably is, so if any one can give me some tips on what i should be looking for to determine any issues with it, that would be fantastic.

thanks guys.
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