Wow. What an amp. I bought this thing from the original owner. He took very good care of it. The only thing it's missing is the foot switch which seems nearly impossible to find (at least an original).

Features-Volume, Lead Volume, treble, mid boost , bass, spring reverb, lead level, master volume, 18 watts, 10 inch Fender speaker

Sound-Classic Fender cleans and a decent drive channel. This thing is probably best suited for bluesy type music but along with my Vox Tonelab (not the best but not the worst) it puts out some great sounds. I am going to assume that with some great single pedals you could get some sick sounds. The speaker could probably stand an upgrade but I don't dare, I'll leave well enough alone.

I guess I'm kind of partial to Fender amps. I've owned quite a few amps over the past couple years and I keep finding myself going back to Fenders. This was on the top of my list to acquire. No clips as of yet but I will try asap.
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Looks great man. How much? Clippy?

Happy new Super Champ Day

I will try to get the clips up tomorrow ( or I guess today now). My 5 year old son likes to sleep, how dare he!? It was $599.
Thanks all. No 311ZOSOVHJH, no Days of The New, just noodling on the clean tone. I do love some good old Days though.