So, I recently came into possession of an old combo Peavey 130 watt bass amp. I've played my guitar through it before and it sounds really nice, but without pedals or anything, all I can do is clean. Now then, my question would be, is this size amp good enough to play guitar with a full band in a gig (as in, it'd be audible over all the other noise) and would it respond well to distortion pedals and all that? Sorry this is probably a really dumbass question, but...I'm just a dumbass nn;; And I'd really like to be able to play my guitar through something other than my 30 watt Spider 3
well only one way to find out...although it would be very bassy
ive played through a bass amp clean only small thing but it went well
It works, I do it myself. A 100w bass amp is LOUD with a guitar in it. For distortion, you're going to need pedals, but it works nicely. Cleans are the most epic sound you will ever get. Ever.
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Ah, this is good to know. I guess that means I can focus my money towards pedals instead of a new amp then. My spider 3 was the coolest thing back when I first started playing guitar haha Now it's just annoying D=
A 100W bass guitar amp will be equally loud as a 100W guitar amp. With a bass guitar in it, it'll produce the same sound level, but a much lower perceived sound level.
I appreciate guitar playing trough bass amps myself. I think it gives a fuller sound than a normal guitar amp.
A Lot has to do with the speakers too, of course. Plugging open-backed cabinets into a bass amp will strongly reduce the bassy sound.