so there was an earth quake where i live, and i got the week off school. that 9 days in a row ,no school. and i had a bunch of radiata pine and rimu veneer lying around so i decided to make a acoustic guitar.i have some wood working experience but little knowledge of guitar building, this guitar was built(is being built) for a total of $0
so its not gonna be perfect, im just making do with what i got.and plus this is my first guitar i've ever built so don't flame.

^Fretboard/neck (both the same peice of wood haha)
inlays are wood burnt into it
frets are nails sanded down and super glued on

^head stock

^body in progress
(unlaquered and un finished

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wait... the neck is made out of pine? Not really sure if that'll be strong enough, but then again, you also used nails as frets... Did you use a scale length?