Hey, I was just wondering if anybody could send me a link that could help me learn to play bass better? Like, different play styles and stuff like that?

Just any sort of guide as to how to improve at bass would be greatly appreciated.

Really sorry if this is in the wrong section, by the way...
To improve just play the instrument really. I've been playing bass for a little over 8 months and I have some pretty advanced techniques down (5 string sweeping and 8 finger tapping). But I did play guitar before I started playing bass so that helped.

If you want to learn metal start with stuff like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath and possibly some Metallica. Then you'll get better by playing (no pick though picked bass sounds like shit and is easy as ****). After you feel confident with your abilities try to learn some Cannibal Corpse or something ( I don't like them but Alex Webster is good). Or try to learn some Faceless or Necrophagist or maybe some Obscura. Technical Death Metal bass is the most difficult genre of music to play on bass that I've discovered so far. If you disagree look up Brain Drill and Viraemia. It's just retarded what those guys are able to do.

To learn Jazz just google walking jazz basslines then just practice those. I started learning jazz bass like a week ago and it really isn't too hard to be honest.

To play Black Metal on bass you pretty much just have to tremolo pick alot and be able to play fast.

I'd help you out with Funk and slap bass but I really really need to work on mine and I don't want to share how I do it because I could be doing it wrong and it might **** you up. But there are some great funk bassists. Check out Victor Wooten's classical thump. It'll probably blow your mind.

If you want to play rock or punk play like 2 notes the whole song. Those genres are basic on bass or guitar and you can pretty much play most rock or punk music after playing for a year or two.

From my experiences most of bass is your picking hand technique just practice with two fingers until you feel comfortable and can play at decent speeds. Then move up to three then practice your triplets a lot. Once you have them pretty fast and clean work your way up to using all four fingers to pick with. Bassists tend to do more tapping than guitarists and tapping a bass is more difficult (thicker strings). Learning multiple finger tapping and how to tremolo pick with your fingers will help alot also. ( I honestly find tremolo picking on bass more difficult than sweeping and tapping).

Even if you don't like metal very much learning metal finger bass techniques and four finger picking will strengthen your fingers and make it a lot easier to play other kinds of music like Jazz.

Sorry for such a long winded response but I really hope this helps. It's just what I've done when I learned bass (self taught) and I guess I must be decent because
bands keep wanting me to play bass for them.

Well good luck learning bass, have fun with it. =)
If you want to play rock or punk play like 2 notes the whole song. Those genres are basic on bass or guitar and you can pretty much play most rock or punk music after playing for a year or two.

Yea, two notes.

Start with a pick, learn a couple of easy songs that you like, from start to finish. Play them every chance you get until you hands get comfortable manipulating big strings. Practice. And do what Dan did, learn two new things everyday.
Quote by PeeInMyAss
(no pick though picked bass sounds like shit and is easy as ****)

See, that almost makes me think to disregard your entire post, but that'd be silly!

TS, I'd suggest two things, play songs in genres that you normally wouldn't listen to and find out the differences in how the bass is played. PIMA's post has a good point, and that is that a lot of styles are different, but there is no point to just completely forget a style of playing. Sometimes I love playing with a pick. I primarily don't because I usually dislike the tone and I think it holds me back, but sometimes it is just so fun to jam out some pop-punk songs and stroke really hard.

I'd say my second suggestion is to listen to how the bass and drums go together. Even in songs that typically stay with the root note, the bass usually doesn't just go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, it usually will be played harder on the notes that correspond with the bass drum. Although playing a variety of notes is a HUGE tool, so is rhythm, and bass is primarily in the rhythm section for rock music. Try playing an easy song you know, but only playing new notes when there is either a bass kick or a note switch. From there, you can listen to how the bass locks in with the other parts of the drums (the three basics are kick, snare, and cymbal).

I stress the 'play beats on your bass' method because it allows you to fit into your role really early on. Once you understand the rhythm then you can have a bit more reason to play diverse notes (something really basic would be to play the root on the kick and the fifth on the snare (the fifth is the 'second note' in a power chord; for E5, the root is the E and the fifth is B, which is the second fret on the A string)).

"But why would I want to just fit into my role, Foodlord, I want to be original!" When you understand how the instrument is used, you can then understand how to manipulate what it is used for. A lot of the virtuoso stuff is just like playing guitar on a bass, which seems to be ripping off of virtuoso violin, and I wouldn't consider that being better at bass, just better at moving your fingers and knowing music theory.

Theory will come with time.
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go right for a song that you like no matter how hard it looks. if u keep trying to learn it in a week or 2 u will have it down.
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Quote by PeeInMyAss
I started learning jazz bass like a week ago and it really isn't too hard to be honest.

Pretty broad statement there. Jazz can be very difficult, and like ANY other genre, its only as hard as you make it.

TS, play with a pick, use your fingers, whatever feels best to you, there's no right or wrong technique. Practice with a metronome, and I would encourage you to take lessons if possible. Getting a book is a another good way to go, the Hal Leonard books come highly recommended around these parts.
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Well, this site has lessons available:


As long as you're here, why not start here? They're free, too. Beyond that, you can search the internet for all sort of free lessons, tips and techniques. Learn from the ones that work for you and bypass the ones that don't. You'll be surprised at how fast you improve.

Good luck.
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This site is written by a dedicated bass teacher and it's a great site. There's even audio and tablature/standard sheet music for all the exercises. You can also use a metronome as you're playing the exercises and you can adjust the tempo of some songs.
I haven't been reading any of these wall of text posts so sorry if this has already been said.

play with a pick, play with your fingers, play with your thumb, play it like its a classical guitar. pluck, pick,strum,slap,pop,tap, learn everyway you can to make a noise with your instrument. elitists are the worst players. listen to as much music as you can. steal from as many players as you can.

and one more for down the road when you have chops and you are the king of bass: you will learn just as much from new players as you will from godly ones.
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I meant in general rock and punk aren't as hard as other genres but there are good bassists in those genres.