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Does it matter?


My thoughts before I even clicked on this thread.
I was reading the back of my Ernie Ball strings one time out of boredom and I think I caught Rage Against the Machine under the artists section. I'm not 100 percent on that though.
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Disco break!

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Make sure you put me in your citations at the end. Or at least in your sig.
If your on a quest to sound just like tom morello, dont start with the strings, it gets you nowhere.
Strings... Shouldn't you be looking at the whole picture.. Amps, pickups etc etc.
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i tryed to break a set of ernie ball strings. on my floyd rose...but i could not do it...it was then that day i learned the power of the whammy. but ghs strings..didnt work that way...

so there some pretty good strings if you ask me..any one else ever experienced this with ernie ball string?